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Alyssa Bosworth Awarded Share 2 Care Single Parent Scholarship

Alyssa Bosworth is a 2022 recipient of the Share 2 Care Single Parent Scholarship which aims to support single parents to achieve qualifications. Last year Alyssa graduated from Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology with a Certificate in Study and Career Preparation (Level 4). Alyssa’s dream is to be a Social Worker and she is following the Whānau Ora (Level 5) pathway which will take her to the second year of the Bachelor of Social Work next year.

Alyssa says this scholarship will alleviate her financial burden.  

“I will be able to meet my course fees, and study with greater peace of mind. Travel costs will be less of a problem and I can buy the textbooks I need. Ultimately, it will enable me to start my career in a better financial position and provide more for my daughters along the way”.

Alyssa, mum to three young girls, grew up with much support from social services.  She became inspired work as a social worker as a result of the care she received.  Alyssa is particularly motivated to work with women and children affected by domestic violence situations.

“With a Social Work degree and further experience I hope to work in a team where I can truly transform lives”.

Congratulations to Alyssa on the award, we look forward to being part of your Toi Ohomai journey.  

To explore scholarship options see:  and contact for an appointment with a Careers and Employment Facilitator

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