Terms and Conditions

JobHub is an online system created by Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology Limited (Toi Ohomai) used by recruitment agents, employers and other organisations (the Advertiser) to advertise jobs, apprenticeships, internships, scholarships or voluntary work that the Advertiser may have available for students and graduates of Toi Ohomai.  By using JobHub, you, the Advertiser, are indicating to Toi Ohomai that you have read, understood and agree to comply with Toi Ohomai’s terms and conditions, as follows:

  1. JobHub may only be used by an Advertiser to advertise legitimate jobs, apprenticeships, internships, scholarships or voluntary work that an Advertiser has available for Toi Ohomai’s students.
  2. Advertisers will ensure their advertisement includes their full name and address; their contact details including phone and email; a clear description of the vacancy including duties and responsibilities; the location, working hours and required skills and experience for the vacancy; whether the role is paid or unpaid; whether the role is part time, casual, contract, full time or voluntary; some general information about the employer or organisation that is offering the role.
  3. The Advertiser will ensure that their advertisement and their activities comply with all New Zealand laws, including but not limited to, the Employment Relations Act 2000, the Human Rights Act 1993, the Privacy Act 2000.
  4. Toi Ohomai may reject any Advertiser or their advertisement where Toi Ohomai, in its sole discretion, deems the Advertiser or their advertisement to be offensive, inappropriate, misleading or illegal.
  5. Toi Ohomai will investigate all complaints received about an Advertiser; and where Toi Ohomai has reasonable cause to believe that there may be inappropriate or illegal activity being carried out, Toi Ohomai may refer the matter to an external authority e.g. the Police, WorkSafe, MBIE.
  6. The Advertiser will be responsible for carrying out all background checks on the student or graduate that they wish to engage; and that may be necessary and/or appropriate in the circumstances.
  7. Toi Ohomai will not be responsible for any loss that may be suffered by the Advertiser as a result of their engagement with a Toi Ohomai student or graduate. 

From time to time Toi Ohomai may use the information collected on this site to improve the services it provides its students, including, updating students about vacancies, undertaking market research, but at all times, Toi Ohomai will comply with the Privacy Act 2020.