Hydraulic/Engineering Apprenticeship


Hydraulic/Engineering Apprenticeship

Do you have an interest in engineering, mechanics, electrical or hydraulics, ever wondered how machinery works or is controlled, do you like working with your hands and solving complex problems, do you dream of working with large machinery?

Total Hydraulic Solutions is proudly a family-owned local company www.thsolutions.co.nz specialising in the repair & servicing of mobile and industrial hydraulic machinery, as well as the custom installation of hydraulic & electrical systems, for specialist equipment for both forestry and road transport delivered across NZ.

If you’re looking for a diverse career path that allows you to build a range of skills well beyond the norm then this could be the opportunity that you are looking for;

We are looking for trainee/’s that for the right applicant/s could lead to an apprenticeship as either Fitter/machinist or Maintenance/diagnostic technician.

Suitable applicants would need to;

  • Be mechanically minded and eager to learn
  • Have a strong interest in mechanics, electrical and/or engineering
  • Love working with your hands and solving complex problems
  • Have a good eye for detail and a level of tidiness
  • Be punctual and not afraid of hard work
  • Have good written and oral communication skills
  • Be able to follow instruction
  • Be a team player and contribute to team culture
  • Have achieved NCEA Level 2

The right applicant would be able to train in our large modern facility surrounded by experts in many fields and would acquire a range of skills including but not limited to;

  • Machining, both lathe and mill
  • Pipe & Tube manipulation, both hand and CNC
  • Repair and servicing of hydraulic components, pumps, motors and all types of actuators
  • Engineering and metal fabrication
  • Automotive electrical and IQAN control systems
  • Hose and fittings repair and service
  • Both hydraulic and electrical system diagnostics
  • Servicing and commissioning of hydraulic systems in both mobile and industrial machinery.
  • CAD & inventor 3D drafting and design
  • Hydraulic and electrical schematic design and understanding.
  • Welding, lite and heavy fabrication, mig, stick, tig and CNC tig radial pipe welding

For your opportunity to be considered please apply in email with a cover letter and CV to careers@thsolutions.co.nz and tell us why you should be one of the 2 trainees, that could lead to one of two apprentices in 2022 if you’re the right person and if this is the right industry for you.

Once we receive you email we will be in touch.


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