Apprenticeships, Internships and Volunteering


An apprenticeship enables you to gain work experience and a qualification while earning an income

Learn more about New Zealand apprenticeships on the Government website.


An internship is work experience that takes place over a set period of time (usually 8-12 weeks). It gives you the chance to extend your classroom learning and apply your knowledge to the workplace. Browse the job search websites and LinkedIn Jobs using the word ‘internship’. You can also approach employers directly, particularly if you already have a relationship with them. Keep an eye on our Facebook group for opportunities too.


Volunteering is a great way to network and develop employability skills. Employers often look for community involvement, initiative and innovation when recruiting new employees.

  • Practice and strengthen your skills – communication, teamwork, problem solving, planning.
  • Get relevant experience.
  • Develop your professional network and make new contacts.
  • Show your initiative and motivation to employers.
  • Provide a helping hand to your community.
  • Support a cause you are passionate about.

Volunteer organisations in our community