Mā te kimi ka kite, Mā te kite ka mōhio, Mā te mōhio ka mārama.

Seek and discover. Discover and know. Know and become enlightened.

This whakataukī encourages you to take the first steps to explore and discover your ideal career path, identify and nurture your natural strengths and find out what’s important to you – your values and your skills.

Explore the range of resources below to get an idea of what career might suit you. The more self-reflection and research you do, the better!

Start Your Journey Booklet

When it comes to deciding on the direction of your career, it can feel like there are too many choices, or even worse, no options that suit you! This booklet takes you on a journey of self-awareness and allows you to reflect and explore ideas before you decide. If you can create a clear picture of yourself, then you can work out your starting point.


It’s important to know what you want from your career, what gives you fulfilment and the work culture you’ll thrive in. The more you can identify the elements that motive you, the more you can guide your own career direction. Your answers to these questions may give you some clues as to what will work for you:

  • When do I feel my best?
  • What’s my greatest accomplishment so far? What made it so great?
  • What makes me jump out of bed in the morning?
  • When do I lose myself in time?
  • What is it about my current job I like/dislike?
  • What would my perfect day at work look like?

Online Career Planning Resources

We embrace the concept of lifelong learning and hope that these resources inspire you to keep moving forward on your career journey until you find contentment. There are lots of helpful online resources to help you manage your career:

New Zealand’s national careers website. Find information on occupations, job vacancies, further education and training, funding and general career tools and tips. The site’s online career guidance tool CareerQuest helps identify your interests, skills and knowledge, and generates career options.

CareersNZ Youtube
Interesting, short movies about how to find your dream job.

Job Outlook
Job Outlook is an Australian website that can help you make decisions about study and training, your first job, or the next step in your career.

Career Development Resources

Recommended readings

  • Bolles, R. (2014). What Colour Is Your Parachute (4th ed.). Berkeley, CA: Ten Speed Press.
  • Mooney, A. (2007). Pressing the Right Buttons. Auckland, NZ: Random House.
  • Robinson, K. (2009). The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything. London: Penguin Books.

We love the TEDTalks by Simon Sinek. If you like Simon Sinek also try Ken Robinson:

LinkedIn Learning

Want to upskill or refresh your memory on something like marketing, Excel, WordPress, Adobe Photoshop? There’s probably a course on LinkedIn Learning! Take a look.